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MRK Services was established in 1990, MRK Services is also the trading name of M R Koating Services Ltd Company No 7980142 Registered in England & Wales. It is family owned and run, and has grown gradually into a company employing 5 members of staff. Currently our factory capacity is nearly 4000 square feet with an option of another 3500 square feet available.

We specialise in general engineering, fabrication in all metals, metal office furniture design and development, also welding is carried out using TIG, MIG and Metal Arc.

In-house machines include - Kingsland Steelworker, 6' x 1/8 Shear, 6' x 1/8 Box & Pan Folder, Section Roller, Milling Machine, Lathe, Horizontal Band Saw and Macc Cut off Saw.

We offer an in-house abrasive cleaning service to create the perfect surface preparation for your products. We have the capability of powder coating all metals, any colour and any finish available.
To hear more about our services from some of our previous clients, please visit our testimonials page.

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